Can liquid nitrogen be produced with Nitrocraft nitrogen generators?


The use of nitrogen is a common practice globally in many different fields, i.e: laboratories, winemaking, food industry, 3D printing industry, etc. It is commonly packed in bottles for small-scale users, whereas it is conditioned in big tanks for large businesses. As a matter of fact, we do understand that you might ask yourself: Am I able to produce my on-demand nitrogen with a Nitrocraft nitrogen generator?

How is liquid nitrogen produced ?


Before we begin to explain the manufacturing process, we would like you to understand we are not talking about the packaged product. Bottles contain high pressure gas, whereas big tanks are filled with liquid nitrogen. It is important to highlight the difference. In both cases we have the same molecule, but in two distinct states. Gaseous form is everywhere in the atmosphere, but liquid state is obtained by cooling nitrogen below -196°C. The storage of liquid form allows a bigger stock capacity of nitrogen, because 1L of liquid nitrogen represents 700L of gas after reheating. The industrial process used to obtain this result is called liquid air fractional distillation.

Other methods to produce nitrogen

For specific applications and very small flow rates, there are nitrogen liquefiers. These machines use nitrogen gas produced by a generator, and “create” liquid nitrogen due to (à raison de) a few litres per day. These machines are made for consumers located in remote locations and inaccessible areas for supplying trucks (mountains, desert areas, …)


Nitrocraft nitrogen generators use CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) to absorb oxygen and other trace gases from compressed air by molecular adsorption (see article). The gas is not subject to any changes, therefore it is technically impossible to produce liquid nitrogen with a nitrogen gas generator.



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