Winemaking nitrogen generators range

Winemakers, enologs  – your nitrogen generator need

You are Winemakers and you know that using nitrogen gas in your process is necessary to maintain the quality level required by your customers. Despite this, you must limit the purchasing of nitrogen bottles to avoid a very quick increase of your production costs. To relieve you from this constraint, Nitrocraft designed the Vinicraft range of on-site winemaking nitrogen generators.  

The advantages of nitrogen generators in winemaking

With the CMS technology, Nitrocraft nitrogen generators produce a high purity and very stable quality gas (from 99,5% to 99,9%). They can be used for all the winemaking applications : inerting, decarbonication, flotation, cross-flow filtering or pressing. 


Nitrogen generator versions:

Two versions of generator are available : 

          C version : equiped with a built-in air compressor,

          R version : connected to a compressed air network

Most applications in winemaking need to use a large buffer tank of nitrogen. It is the reason why Nitrocraft designed the Vinicraft range. Their particularity is to work without a generation tank, contrary to the classic model of generator using CMS (see article below). 




How our nitrogen generators can improve your winemaking business

The range of Nitrocraft winemaking nitrogen generators provides real advantages for all users of nitrogen buffer tanks. With their design, the Nitrocraft winemaking generators are equipped with a specific system which allows to store more nitrogen than a classic generator, in the same buffer and with the same air pressure. The drawing below shows that with an input air pressure of 9 bar, the Nitrocraft generator is able to inflate the buffer tank at 8.5 bar in a very short time. This represents 21% of nitrogen more in the tank.