Nitrogen gas and nitrogen fertilizer, how to avoid the confusion?


Nitrocraft has been designing, manufacturing and selling on-site nitrogen generators for more than 20 years in the food and winemaking industry as well as laboratories. Amongst all the information requests Nitrocraft has received, a handful of them are related to the possibility of using nitrogen generators to produce fertilizers aimed at the food industry.

Different states of nitrogen

Nitrogen, in the broad sense, can be found in many different soluble and insoluble shapes. The gaseous form is present at 78% in the air we breathe, while the solid state is part of the ore composition called nitrate such as potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate.

Potassium nitrate has been used since the Middle Ages in the fabrication of explosive powders and ammonium nitrate is the main component of nitrogen fertilizers developed to fertilize soils in intensive agriculture.

Can fertilizers be produced with gas ?

Nitrogen generators use compressed air to extract nitrogen, present in the ambient air. Therefore, the generator is able to produce a gas coming from a natural and inexhaustible source which is the atmosphere.

On the basis of current knowledge, there are no possibilities of producing fertilizers with a nitrogen gas generator.

Nitrogen or nitrogen, which one to choose ?

According to our field of work, we use technical and/or scientific jargon. For a farmer nitrogen represents the fertiliser he/she puts in the soil, whereas for a manufacturer, nitrogen is the gas conditioned in bottles so as to inert the desired production.

With the development of search engines and the internet, it is not surprising that a farmer is highly likely to find numerous adverts about nitrogen generators. We do understand that farmers have got questions, they are looking for answers.



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