How Nitrocraft nitrogen generators are distributed ?

Nitrocraft has been designing, manufacturing and selling nitrogen generators for more than 20 years.

To ensure good quality service for our clients, Nitrocraft has made use of the services of a network of partners chosen for their professionalism, experience and knowledge of the market.

ESM Distribution, our partner in Alsace, France

ESM Distribution (esm-distribution) based in Ostheim since 1989, is run by Patrick Fimbel along with Michel Durepaire as sales director. The company is specialized in selling, renting and providing maintenance operations for compressed air in a wide range of fields: heavy industry, food industry, winemaking, laboratories.

ESM Distribution has got many teams of skilled technicians providing installation and maintenance operations to guarantee the machines’ lifespan. Technicians from our partners operating on nitrogen generators are being given trainings delivered by Nitrocraft, on the process function, preventive and curative maintenance.

ESM Distribution is also an official distributor of the worldwide brand Kaeser, selling reliable high quality air compressors.

A natural partnership, profitable to everyone

This kind of partnership is very natural because of the close proximity of our field of work. All our clients that own a nitrogen generator own an air compressor. Therefore, technicians intervening for the upkeep or in case of breakdown are more efficient and clients only deal with a subcontractor who knows his trade by heart.


You can find all the services provided by ESM Distribution on their website:



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