"Carbon Molecular Sieve" in the heart of Nitrocraft nitrogen generators

Nitrocraft, subsidiary of Air Liquid Group, has been designing, manufacturing and selling nitrogen generators since 1996 using the CMS process and PSA technology. Our French know how is internationally recognized.

What is Carbon Molecular Sieve ?

Carbon Molecular Sieve or CMS is often used by nitrogen generators so as to produce high quality nitrogen. It is a material which absorbs oxygen and other trace gases by molecular absorption from a supply of compressed air. It is marketed in the form of granular activated carbon with a diameter of around 2 millimeters.

How does it work ?

In concrete terms, as the air passes over the CMS columns, oxygen is adsorbed by the CMS pores allowing the nitrogen to pass through as the product gas. When talking about the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) process, it is impossible not to speak of Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. One cannot go without the other one. The system uses two pressurized columns filled with CMS. By raising and lowering the pressure within the CMS vessels, all the contaminants are captured and released. CMS has a greater affinity for oxygen and contaminants at high pressures, than it does at low pressures. The main factor on which we play on is the pressure. The alternation of generation (nitrogen production) and purification (rejecting the contaminants) allows a continuous production of nitrogen. Once the system is operating, it requires little monitoring.

In conclusion, PSA technology is a clean technology, because the only material used is air! All you need to produce high nitrogen purity is a supply of compressed air (air network or air compressor)





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