Nitrogen generator: why ? when ?

A nitrogen generator uses compressed air and C.M.S ( Carbon Molecular Sieve) to separate nitrogen and oxygen gas. The molecular sieve is installed in aluminium pipes called columns. Nitrogen generators are mainly composed of two columns or a multiple of two. The first column alternatively produces nitrogen while the other one is being purged. This cycle is set to modify the nitrogen purity and flow. Purity can be set from 95% to 99,9999%. 

With a nitrogen generator, you can use nitrogen gas as you want and when you want. You produce the nitrogen that you need. No cylinder !   


Business areas





For all applications that consume nitrogen, the Nitrocraft laboratory nitrogen generators are a very efficient solution. 





The Nitrocraft industry nitrogen generators called TERA are fully expandable, as they grow with your business.





If you are looking for a low cost nitrogen generator solution, you will find a range of Nitrocraft winemaking nitrogen generators on our website




Anoxia treatment

Anoxia treatment of piece of art consists in putting the object or painting in large chamber with a very low oxygen rate during 21 days.
This application needs constant quality nitrogen of a very high purity.
Such was the requirement of Air Liquide when they chose Nitrocraft to produce the nitrogen generators for the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.


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Nitrocraft nitrogen generators: version VI

Nitrocraft is a human sized company, 100% subsidiary of Air Liquide Group.
The company has been designing, manufacturing, selling and installing nitrogen generators for more than 20 years, aimed at markets such as laboratories, winemaking and industries.
At the end of 2016, Nitrocraft sends a strong message by launching a new range of nitrogen generators with integrated air compressors, specially designed for the laboratory market (LC/MS analyzers, ICP, GC).
Our objective is to create products more compact, more powerful & more competitive.


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